Saturday, May 23, 2009

Homestyle burgers and fries

I had a craving for  a good burger this weekend, but didn't really want to go out to another burger joint in town, so we decided to make our own with some fries on the side :)  Any opportunity to use our grill is a must... 

1.  Grilled the burgers according to the internal temperature desired- using a meat thermometer.  Hubby wanted medium-well burgers (145-150 degrees) and I wanted well done (160 degrees and above).    I used the McCormicks Grillmates hamburger seasoning.  If you want a 'jucier" burger, use a 80/20 or 85/15 lean to fat ratio ground beef.

2.  Cut 2 to 3 russet potatoes in slices and seasoned them with cajun seasoning.

3. Fry potato wedges in a pan with a little canola oil.  Keep a lid on the pan to keep the moisture in.  This keeps the potatoes soft as well.

4.  When potatoes are browned on both sides, remove from oil and drain in a dish lined with a couple of folded papertowels or napkins.

5.  Build your burger as you wish;  I prefer a slice of American cheese, romaine lettuce, pickles, spicy brown mustard and a 'swig' of ketchup.  I also added a little more of the hamburger seasoning on top--  Mr. Sherry Berry prefers barbecue sauce, tomatoes and extra pickles on his ;)



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