Friday, May 22, 2009

Fresh Strawberries n' Creme Cake

It's that time again :)  Mr. Sherry Berry and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this year.  As part of a tradition we started three years ago (due to the the cake top we froze on our wedding day not tasting up to par)- we usually order a small cake from our baker done in our wedding cake flavor, strawberries and creme.  I usaually call a couple of months ahead of time to order, because they are usually booked this time of year, due to weddings.   Well, lets just say the date slipped my mind, and we weren't able to get our cake in time :(  Sooooo... I decided to try to make my own ('try' being the operative word   Yes, it's not "home made" and yes the icing if from a can,....but who cares right?


1 box of Betty Crocker SuperMoist Vanilla Butter Recipe White cake mix
2 round cake pans
1 can of Betty Crocker buttercream frosting
1 Pint of fresh, ripe strawberries
Red gel food coloring (I used Wilton brand)

1.  Prepare cake mix according to box instructions.   Let cake cool on a cooling rack and remove from pans.  Once cooled, mix one drop of red gel color with frosting/icing to make a light pink color. (This step can be omitted;  I just wanted a pink cake, like our wedding cake (see picture in link above) so that's why I used the red coloring.

If top of cake is domed, use a long knife to cut and thin layer off the top of the cake to make it level. Smooth a thin layer of icing on top of one of the cake layers.   This will be the base for your strawberry layer.  

Slice strawberries... 

...then layer them in a circular pattern between the cake layers.
Then, place the other cake layer on top, and smooth icing over the entire cake in a swirling motion.  Enjoy!   --- wasn't as good as our wedding cake, but it will do for this year :(... next year I'll make sure I call our baker waaaay in

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